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Ignoring Climate Change Education
exacerbate Climate Change

Awareness, which is a product of education, is at the center of development and change. Climate change education is the antidote to solving the climate crisis. It helps us to understand the extent of the problem and the potential solutions. That is why article 12 of the Paris agreement iterated that. Through it, we all can take action at various levels. To implement Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation measures, we need Climate Change Education for the measures to be swift and sustainable.


Climate Change Education Changes Absolutely Everything

Climate Change Education(Climate Literacy) is one of the most important steps we must take to resolve the climate crisis. Despite that, climate literacy is neglected by many. It is vital as it creates awareness, which helps to inform those in vulnerable communities that are more exposed to the impacts of climate change to participate in developing ideas and solutions. It is also the sole route that can ignite young people to demand climate justice. If we don’t know where we are, we won’t know where we are heading to.

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