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Who We Are

EEFABECAMEROON is a nonprofit organization with a focus on the following areas Oof activities
  • weekly outreach in schools on sustainability, environmental and climate change education.
  • Climate literacy in communities.
  • Youth empowerment on environmentally friendly income generating activities.
  • Implantation of fruit gardens in schools and communities as nature based solutions to climate resilience.
  • Online and offline campaigns on climate change education.


Our Vision

Becoming a reference organisation were young people in schools and communities around the world, especially in Africa, get first hand knowledge and information on environmental management and climate change .
Empower young people to use nature based solutions in the fight against environmental degradation and climate change while generating income.


School Outreach

Being our main focus area, we use school outreach to reach out and empower young people with climate information and actions they can take as an individual to ignite community engagement in combating climate change.
We developed an afterschool curriculum on sustainability, environmental and climate change education to well structure our activities in schools.



Climate Change Education in schools using structured afterschool curriculum
Community sensitization of impacts of environmental and climate change.
Online campaigns on the climate crisis and actions
Training on environmentally friendly income generating activities
Implantation of home, community and school gardens



Despite the lack of volunteer, we have already partnered with 2 schools, with others still at the pipeline.
Multiple online and onsite campaigns executed
A full flesh after school curriculum on climate literacy developed.
2 home gardens have already been implanted,</h3>

Our Team. See All

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Tamo Stephane


Weyepe Manuelle

Secretary General

TIBAH Perpetua

Financial Secretary


The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time. The impacts of climate change will affect everyone on the planet, though not equally. With this reality at hand, we empower young people to adopt best practice towards adaptation and mitigation in the following ways:
  • Practical session with students and professionals in the installation of renewable sources of energy.
  • Practical sessions in the production of biofuels(briquetting)
  • Installation of food and fruit gardens. A team is always available to follow up individual gardens.
  • Nursing and commercialization of fruit and vegetable seeds.
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