Tamo Stephane

Brief info

Tamo Stephane is an environmental scientist, climate and gender activist, ICT and STEM mentor who believes environmental and climate change education are the best tools to handle environmental and climate change challenges, especially in local communities. He is proactive in the mobilisation of youths in the fight against climate change. He believe addressing gender equality is adamant in solving the climate crisis. He is a graduate from the university of Buea Cameroon with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.

He is currently the founder/CEO of a youth led noprofit that is focus on protecting the environment through sustainability, environmental and climate change education. He is passionate in tutoring, community development and mobilization, programming, coding, web development and design, and also networking.

By now it is widely known that rural and indigenous communities are at the frontlines of the climate crisis. They are the most vulnerable and exposed to climate change impacts, despite being the least responsible. In the small village of Bamunka located in northwest Cameroon, Tamo witnessed the impacts of climate change first-hand.

But the concept of climate change was like a fictional notion among the village community. Anomalous heavy winds tearing through the crop fields during the planting season were attributed to witchcraft, and lack of rainfall was believed to be a punishment from the gods. Tamo recalls the village women engaging in elaborate rituals to appease the Gods in times of drought.