Volunteer Facilitators position

JOIN THE SECCE(Sustainability, Environmental and Climate Change Education) TEAM from September 2022 to June 2023


Achieve personal and professional growth, build meaningful relationships, and create positive environmental and social impact with the Environmental Education for a Better Earth.


We are currently hiring for the position of volunteer facilitators to work with a team of climate activists to empower young people in schools and communities on sustainability, environmental, and climate change education. If taking climate action is what matters to you, then this is exactly for you. If it interest you, please apply. If you have any questions, please email us at volunteer@eefabecameroon.org.

If you have a passion to contribute to climate solutions, and if you are looking to develop experience working in the nonprofit sector, then this role is for you.



Environmental Education for a Better Earth Cameroon (eefabecameroon) is a youth lead nonprofit created in 2017 by an inspirational environmental science graduate from the university University of Buea Cameroon, to empower young people, to take concrete action in the protection and preservation of the earth and its resources through sustainability, environmental and climate change education.

This initiative came into existence due to young people’s lack of climate information, despite the reoccurring climate stimuli (variability, extremes, and changes). With a vibrant team of environmental science graduates, the nonprofit executed several activities in schools and communities.

The nonprofit is designed to carry out its activities globally, with its headquarters in Douala Cameroon.

Since its creation, EEFABE has impacted hundreds of youth in schools and communities through presentations, workshops, and outreach. Its frequent online activities and campaigns ignited the idea of climate action among people of various backgrounds worldwide.

With its well-structured after-school curriculum on sustainability, environmental, and climate change education, climate change knowledge have been ignited in secondary schools and some higher institution of learning. It also has a training program on environmentally friendly income-generating activities, where it trains young people to use nature-based solutions to generate income while solving the climate crisis.

Estimated Time Commitment: 10 – 15 hours/month


  • Take part in training and trimester meetings
  • Participate in a weekly outreach in schools
  • Write a report and articles based on the activities of the week
  • Coordinate activities and skits on climate change.
  • Work with students to create school gardens
  • Mentored students to carry out climate change activism during special events in schools.
  • Participate in climate change activities during national and international days.
  • Take part in at least one media campaign per term.
  • Participate in online social media campaigns on climate change education.



Douala Cameroon, but volunteers can carry out the project in their respective countries and/or towns under the supervision of EEFABE.


Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and/or French. Passionate in teaching and working with young people, interested in finding and applying solutions to the reoccurring climate crisis, basic computer and Information Technology skills a plus, willing to learn more about climate change and how to take action, and concerned about climate justice.

How to apply

Apply not later than 15 August 2022. Selected volunteers will be contacted and notified about the training and its structure.

This project can be carried out around the world so volunteers willing to carry it out in their country can still apply. Even those who wish to move to Cameroon for the role while catering to their cost of living can still apply.

Those with only the French language skill living in Cameroon can still apply.