Our History

Environmental Education for a Better Earth Cameroon (eefabecameroon) is a youth lead nonprofit created in 2017 by Tchiegdjo Tamo Ulrich Stephane, an inspirational environmental science graduate from the university University of Buea Cameroon, to empower young people, especially those in Cameroon to take concrete action in the protection and preservation of the earth and its resources through sustainability, environmental and climate change education.
This initiative came into existence due to the lack of climate information among young people in Cameroon, despite the reoccurring climate stimuli (variability, extremes, and changes). With a vibrant team of environmental science graduates, the nonprofit executed several activities in schools and communities.
The nonprofit is designed to carry out its activities globally, with its headquarters in Douala Cameroon.


Since it creation, EEFABE have impacted hundreds of youth in schools and communities through presentations, workshop and school outreach. It frequent online activities and campaigns ignited the idea of climate action among people of various backgrounds worldwide.

With its well structured after-school curriculum on sustainability, environmental and climate change education, climate change knowledge have been ignited in secondary schools and some higher institution of learning. It also have a training program on environmentally friendly income generating activities, where it train young people to use nature based solutions to generate income while solving the climate crisis.