Climate Risks; The evitable havoc to mankind

We are living in an interconnected world where the impacts of climate change are limitless, irrespective of national or international boundaries, though the same impact in a particular region may be different/irrelevant in another.
Climate change, population increase, and urbanization mean that a growing number of people and economic assets are exposed to hazardous weather, climate, and water events.
Early warning systems for multiple hazards are increasingly important for reducing disaster risk and hazard impacts in our interconnected World

The four major elements involved are:
Disaster risk knowledge; Understand the risk-combine the assessments of the hazards with those of the vulnerabilities and exposure.

Detection, Monitoring, and forecasting; What are the hazards and their possible consequences?
Dissemination and communication; Accurate and authoritative warnings with clear advice to ensure that they reach the “last mile” and can be understood by those who need them most.
Preparedness and Respond; Make sure you have a disaster management plan example evacuation.

Climate change adaptation is crucial at this point. The early warning should be practiced by all sectors of life, irrespective of social class (not enough warning signs were communicated to the local population of Douala Cameroon during the flood weeks ago). The local population especially the marginalized should be acquainted with the signs. Disaster and risk management are the keys to sustainable development.

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