Is the climate really changing? How can i take action?

When scientists are raising alarm about the rapid melting of Earth’s glaciers and its impacts, climate change deniers, especially some world leaders are against them. It is funny when some people are against the existence of climate change( climate deniers), despite witnessing the variable changes in Temperature and Precipitation around them.

Note that 7 out of the 10 most negative observed glacier mass balance was recorded after 2010. This is a clear indication that anthropogenic activities contributed to it (compare the transformation of your locality from 2010 to date with that before 2010). The outbreak of diseases such as vector born (malaria), particularly in areas where the life cycle of mosquitoes and its plasmodium were difficult to survive for long is now common. That is where the health effects of climate change come in (go through the health data of your area and compare the number of malaria cases recorded by your health officials)

The cryosphere provides some of the most useful indicators of climate change. Changes in the cryosphere have major impacts on health, water supply, agriculture, transportation, freshwater ecosystems, hydropower production, and cryosphere-related hazards such as floods, droughts, avalanches, and sea-level rise. Most countries and small island nations are already witnessing these( Kiribati as an example)


Cameroon as a case study

Data from 1960 shows that the temperature of Cameroon has been increasing, and is still doing so and predicts to continue due to anthropogenic emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. Some cities are hot today as compared to 10 years ago (Buea as an example).
All these are to make us know that our climate is changing at an alarming rate, with humans contributing a greater percentage to it. Something needs to be done as fast as possible. Let us know that every action count.


The way forward

We need to empower young people to know what is happening and what they can contribute to making the world a better place for all.
Train them in a way that they will “think green” and cultivate the habit of sustainability in them as they grow up.
Listen to scientists on issues of climate change and how to take action. Politicians will hardly give you the right information that you need as far as climate change is concerned.
VOTE in power, the right climate-conscious leaders to save our planet.

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