Justice: How to take Climate Action

It is time for us to engage in the fight against climate change in truth and sincerity. Those in low-income communities who are contributing less to climate change are the ones suffering the most.
Proper sustainability and climate change education are needed in our schools to empower the youths to know what is happening, why it is happening, and what can be done.
Be a part of the solution by contributing to this fight. Climate change is real and its impacts are visible, especially in low-income communities.
Sensitize the Population
Awareness raising is the number 1 way that we can successfully take climate action. This is because, despite the worsening impacts of climate change, climate information is not readily available, especially to young people.
We can sensitize the population through public or private outreach, which entails participation in strike action, public speaking in churches and other gatherings, and even in schools. This will help to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change, and prompt individuals to take action.
Tree planting
Taking part in tree planting is another way we can take climate action. Forest as we commonly know, is the number one carbon sink on our planet. Trees absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which helps to reduce the level of Carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases that is responsible for global warming, a driving force of Climate Change.
We can join other organizations in tree planting exercises, or organize one. We can also fund tree planting projects and exercises if we can’t make it due to lack of time.
Sign petitions for climate justice
Participating in a petition to halt climate harmful activities is another way we can successfully take climate action. This is because it helps the petition to grow in number, which then prompts decision makers to be aware that there is a problem that needs urgent action. For example, a petition to halt the illegal exploitation of the Ebo forest in Cameroon was successful as the government later passed out a policy halting its uncontrolled exploitation. They are other examples of cases where petition writing made policymakers and world leaders halt climate unfriendly action.
Volunteerism is another way we can successfully take climate action. this is so because it permits us to sacrifice our time and resources to take up positions that favor the protection of our planet. This can be the facilitator role, supervisor role, frontline role, and others. You can always check our volunteer position in our organization.

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