Climate change is causing havoc around the world. despite that, those in vulnerable communities are suffering the most.  With time, even those with all the means to overcome the impacts of climate change will have difficulties coping,  In this article, we will see some of the unforeseen impacts of climate change.

Abnormal temperature rise

Research shows that if the earth’s temperature rise by 1.5°C above the 1861 level, thawing permafrost could release 68 to 508 gallons of Carbon. This alone will increase global temperature by 0.13 to 1.69°C by the year 2300. Despite that and events happening around us, some politicians, big companies, and individuals still contemplate the existence of climate change and its anthropogenic ignition. No matter our stands on the issues of climate change, the fact remains that our planet’s climate is changing.

Discovery of ancient diseases

Diseases that have been frozen in permafrost and ice for years such as the Spanish flu, smallpox, and plaques that have been wiped out will resurface with the rapid increase of the temperature of the earth (In 2016, a young boy died and dozens were hospitalized after contracting anthrax on the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia).

Permafrost thawing

Infrastructure made on permafrost will be destroyed as the temperature increases. This increase in temperature will cause them to thaw, leading to the destruction of infrastructure on its surface (the collapse of ground 280ft deep in some parts of Siberia).

Melting of polar ice

Rising temperature and ice melt cause more water from glaciers and ice cap to flow to the sea, while ocean water warms and expand in volume, causing the sea level to rise. (this has caused average global sea level to rise by 10 to 20 centimeters in the past years according to IPCC)

A question to all.

Are we just going to sit and observe? NO!

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