Some people argue that climate change is a natural phenomenon without any anthropogenic contribution to it. Some even say climate change advocacy is a means to strip big companies from their resources, and also prevent development.
But evidence from NASA reports and data shows that since 1950, the net amount of solar irradiance reaching the earth has remained constant, meanwhile, the temperature has been increasing. Humans are the only civilized creature living on the surface of the earth! hence, they must be the cause of the rapid increase in the earths temperature
If the warming was a natural process from a more active sun, then the scientist will expect to see warmer temperatures within all the layers of the atmosphere. Instead, they have seen warming in the middle and lower atmosphere and cooling in the upper atmosphere. All this is because GHGs are trapping heat in the lower atmosphere.
The earlier we realize that our actions and behaviors are detrimental to the earth and take action, the better it will be for humanity.
Do not forget that the effect of climate change we are experiencing today is the result of man’s activities/GHGs emissions in the past 50 years.

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